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Transform Your Wardrobe

Tailor Ring

Temporarily alter clothing for a custom tailored fit with this invisible accessory 


2 x   3" rings

2 x   4" rings

2 x   5" rings

2 x   6" rings

100 x  latex free elastic bands

convenient storage container.


How To Apply Tailor Ring

Tailor your own clothes! No cutting, sewing or pinning!


Infinite Ways To Use Tailor Ring

Temporarily transform t-shirts, tops, skirts, dresses and scarves to increase the versatility of your existing wardrobe.




 Where have these been?!?

Dude…what? Why am I just now discovering these?!? They WORK and not some stupid clip hanging on the back of my shirt. My clothes look tailored now! It is such a simple design, I wish I had thought of it. But I didn’t. So I’m glad someone did to save me from looking frumpy in my dress shirts.


 This is an answered prayer

This makes my clothes more form fitting without the bulk of a knot. Yes. I recommend this new product.

Amy M.

 LOVE my Tailor Rings!

These are true game changers! I've been able to create a more flattering fit/silhouette with many of my shirts and dresses. And no damage to my clothes!

Alyssa S.

 Great Purchase

I love the Tailor Ring. So many options with all the different sizes of rings. I have turned my current clothes into many new outfits . It is really a great purchase, could not recommend enough!

Nicole B.

 Very cute & trendy!

Lays SO much flatter on my shirts so it’s not so bulky to tie it up


 Maximize your capsule wardrobe

Two thumbs up for the Tailor Ring! I have a few t-shirts that are just a little too short/small to tie into a knot. The Tailor Ring gives me a way to shorten my t-shirts to just the right length.


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