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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I wash my clothes with Tailor Ring?
    To avoid damage to clothing, please remove Tailor Ring fashion accessory after each use and prior to washing or drying your clothes. Tailor Ring itself is designed to withstand washing and drying.
  • What if my clothing gets stretched out?
    If you remove Tailor Ring and find that the fabric has stretched out, simply spray water on the fabric and it should return to it's original shape as it dries.
  • Can I use Tailor Ring with any fabric?
    Avoid using Tailor Ring with very delicate fabrics.
  • What if I run out of rubber bands?
    Each rubber band provided with Tailor Ring will last through several uses. If you run out of rubber bands, please contact us for more!
  • How do I use Tailor Ring?
    Place Tailor Ring on the outside of your garment. Grab Tailor Ring from the inside of the garment. Wrap elastic band around the Tailor Ring several times. Please watch the video for instructions
  • Does Tailor Ring have other uses?
    Tailor Ring has so many uses! You can use TR to make pillow covers, curtains, fasten sheets and blankets together...and so much more! Show us what ideas you come up with!
  • Got more questions?
    Just reach out to us at or 972-914-8892
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