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Transform Your

Tailor your own clothes with Tailor Ring. No cutting, pinning or sewing. Remove after each use and try something new!

  • Stop knotting your T-shirts! Tailor Ring is the sophisticated way to get that knotted T-shirt look without the bulky, sloppy knot.

  • Add versatiltiy to your wardrobe by styling a garment multiple ways.

  • No cutting, no pinning, no sewing, no expensive custom tailoring!

  • Remove after each use and before washing. Not recommended for delicate fabrics.

  • Includes 2-3" rings, 2-4" rings, 2-5" rings, 2-6" rings, 100 latex free elastic bands, and convenient storage container


No more bulky knot

Knotting your Tshirt often makes your shirt too tight or too short. With Tailor Ring you control excatly how short and tight your shirt fits and no bulky knot!


Skirt too long

Finding skirts and dresses just the right length can be tricky. Use Tailor Ring to shorten to the length most flattering on you!


Add some interest

Apply tailor ring at your bustline to enhance your best features while getting some extra drape around the waist.


From boxy to bodacious

Give an ordinary boxy t-shirt a fitted and flattering fit


Show off those curves

Use Tailor Ring to cinch in extra fabric at the waist to show off your curves!


Express Your Self

Add some pizaz to an otherwise plain dress.


Tailor Ring

Invisible fashion accessory used to temporarily alter clothing for a custom tailored fit, 8 rings 4 sizes.


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